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Sikshya Technology is more than just an IT company, it is a hospitable establishment that takes care of your technological needs. Be it providing the services of Microsoft or helping you license your personal cloud or crafting your business website—Sikshya Technology got you covered on all digital fronts. Having the experts who have utmost expertise in a field of Microsoft, our specialty focuses on Cloud Solutions, Artificial Intelligence, Advance BI Analytics (Power BI) and Power Platform.

Here at Sikshya Technology, we partner with you in the development of your business interface with an innovative, cutting-edge and efficient manner providing services such as Microsoft Modern Workplace (Microsoft 365), Complete cloud solution, Advance Analytics for your BI (Power BI), Enscale to Organization Automation with Power Platform and different data solution like Microsoft SQL server, MySQL, Oracle.


No need to hassle for any services you buy. You can get 24/7 support on our services.

Microsoft 365

(Modern Workplace | Office 365)

Sikshya Technology would be your best bet at securing the Microsoft 365 solution in Nepal. Whether your firm is just starting or has already secured a position in the market, every one of you will need a modern workplace that’s complete, intelligent, and secure with Microsoft 365.

Power Platform

In the age of digital area you need to walk in together with technology to aid you in your journey by App development, App connectivity and software application. The answer is simple yet poses several dilemmas—you need Microsoft Power Platform, but you are in haze as to figure out who to trust ? We got you covered.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) Solutions is another weapon in the multitude of Microsoft’s arsenal. For a modern businesses, information is everything. We provide diverse solution for handling your business intelligence information in a meaningful and insightful manner.

Microsoft Azure

Sikshya Technology carries expertise of Microsoft Azure at the doorstep of your business enterprise. With a direct partnership with Microsoft, Sikshya will lead to move your business to complete and intelligent cloud based architecture with Azure.

Web Development

If you are looking for the best, more importantly, reliable company to design and develop your websites around Nepal, you have come at a right place as Sikshya Technology is home to outstanding experts and web developers who can help you craft your website more presentable, authentic and attractive.

Courses & Training

The abundance of services is hardly beneficial if one is incapable of directing it in the right direction. Sikshya technology helps to train tech enthusiasts and hobbyists. We aim to enhance your tomorrow from as far as today.

Cloud Services

Sikshya Technology comes with an essential concern regarding the storage and leverage of your business data. First and foremost, trust and reliability are indispensable when it comes to assigning someone to organize your business data. Not to worry, Here at Sikshya Technology, we value clandestine just as much as we value credibility.

Tech Consulting

We stir up best ideas in a same teapot as information technology. Your technical queries are our best friend. We will hug it close and provide you with an acute information on where your business is lacking and what changes could stir up the teapot more to give it an enhanced taste.

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There is more to our services than it meets your eyes. Contact us right away for in-depth tech support. Do not miss out on digital magic.


Here is few wonderful people whose eloquent feedback sheds light on our accomplishments and activities.

Levelheaded creatives, top-notch Microsoft clouds experts, proficient at Power Paltform. Sikshya technology is the pretty packages of prolific developers, technical experts, social media marketers, coders, writers and a whole branch of creatives. 

Deependra Raj Bajracharya

Microsoft Sales Manager, Nepal

Young Guns from Sikshya Technology is driving the digital transformation from Education to Corporates, them HandsOn experience on powering users with secure remote work and automating with Power solution is absolute best in the times of remote working.

Subash Manandhar

Partner Sales Executive, Microsoft SEANM

Sikshya Technology is the go-to place if you want to bring any sorts of Microsoft services to your organization. They are expertise in Data Analytics and to boost up your organization's automation requirements with Power Platform.. I refer it to anyone who wants to acquire personal or organizational Microsoft solutions.   

Shree Khanal

Microsoft Data Platform MVP
Director, SQL Helps

Our Team

Nischal Ghimire

Director of Execution

Milan Thapa

Director of Technology

Susan Risal

Creative Lead

Himanshu Bohara

Content Strategist

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