Microsoft Office 365 for Education

Sikshya Technology as a Microsoft Authorized Education Partner (AEP) and Microsoft Partner (MPN) will be your best choice at securing the Microsoft 365 Education for your academic institution. Whether your college or school is just starting out or has already rolling digital transformation on education, every one of you will need proper strategy and maximum goal achievement. With the Sikshya Technology, you can set up a methodical, well-ordered digital classroom which functions more than your classroom.

Microsoft Office 365 offers different package for education i.e. Office 365 A1, A3 and A5. Starting from the basic, Office 365 A1 package are provided with free license. Yes you heard it right, you don't have to pay a single penny for licensee. These package comes with OneDrive for storage, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams for classroom, Outlook for email,  Web version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and many others which facilitates remarkable utility that can ease out your workload. While OneDrive allows each user up-to 1 TB of data storage capacity (which in itself is truly capable of handling a small institution) this remarkable cloud service also give an impenetrable security to your data. Likewise Microsoft Teams offers the unified tools for the education for your virtual classroom, track attendance of the students, assign homework and assess directly with Teams. Not to mention only this but the power of Word, Excel, Powerpoint, digital notebook with OneNote for students, teacher ans staffs comes with Office 365. All of these awesome features is just a finger tips away—so are we. Contact Sikshya Technology now for an affordable Office 365 Educational package.

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There is more to our services than it meets your eyes. Contact us right away for in-depth tech support. Do not miss out on digital magic.

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Sikshya Technology is more than just an IT company, it is a hospitable establishment that takes care of your technological needs. Be it providing the services of Microsoft or helping you license your personal cloud or crafting your

What the Services Does

Augment the education quality to the next level.

Simplify the process of data storage, file sharing, data entry, word processing and the management work of your college/school. Different packages are available to render support for small and large college/ schools .

Bring your business organization closer to unification

Create a user friendly environment where members can discuss ideas, concepts in a professional manner. Remember, the storyboard is where the blueprints are made for your success.

Build powerful apps at minimal effort

Initiate a tool that enables the making of powerful apps without having to start from the scratch. What services are there that makes such a headache as building app easy and widely accessible?