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Microsoft 365

Sikshya Technology is your best bet at securing the Microsoft 365 package in Nepal. Whether your firm is just starting out or has already secured a position in the market, every one of you will need proper data management in order to function without errors. With the help of Sikhya technology, you can set up a methodical, well-ordered system which functions at your will. The services include OneDrive, SharePoint, excel, teams, outlook, PowerApps, planner, Kaizala and many others which facilitates remarkable utility that can ease out your workload. Subsequently, Microsoft 365 package is available at an affordable price at Sikshya technology. Another edge we give you is the fact we are established with a direct affiliation with Microsoft.

Power Platform

We solicit Microsoft power platform to aid you in your journey of app development, app connectivity and software application. The answer is simple yet poses several dilemmas—you need Microsoft Power Platform, but you are in haze as to figure out who to trust. Well, kill your worries since you are just a few clicks away from experiencing the most reliable Microsoft partners of Nepal. Yes, Sikshya Technology specializes on Microsoft power apps which is all the more reason since our services aren’t widely scattered that give us a one-track mind to focus on a solution regarding a certain problem.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is another weapon in the multitude of Microsoft’s arsenal. As the word itself suggests, it is a clever software with an infinite potential to evaluate data and provide accurate data. The shrewd nature of Business Intelligence allows executives, managers and workers to efficiently track their business state and offer a degree of decisiveness to the clients. Sikshya Tech helps you to undermine your business competitors utilizing this very tool. Moreover, we bring our professionals to assist you in a more concrete and tech-friendly manner. As a result, Power BI could also be part of your deadliest weapon inside your arsenal.

Microsoft Azure

Sikshya Technology brings the infamous Microsoft Azure at the doorstep of your business enterprise. With a direct collaboration with Microsoft, Sikshay Technology sustains the Azure cloud products and services here in Nepal. This cloud computing service can adapt to your management and bring nothing but glory to your business in the long run. It supports numerous programming languages, tools, frameworks, both in and out the Microsoft specified software or a third-party system. It's all the more appealing to invest in the products that outweighs the amount spent.

Web Development

If you are looking for the best, more importantly, reliable company to design and develop your websites around Nepal, you have come at a right place as Sikhsya technology is home to outstanding experts and web developers who can help you make your website more presentable, authentic and attractive. We offer web hosting and domain in a suitable price as well as help with the maintenance of your websites regularly. Options of upgrades and adding more features is also available.


The abundance of services is hardly a benefactor if one is incapable of directing it towards the right direction. Sikshya technology helps to train tech enthusiasts and hobbyists of Nepal. It is designed solely to enhance your tomorrow from as far as today. The point is—simple training today can make you somewhat of a tech guru tomorrow. This is basically the objective of Sikshya Technology training programs. For detailed information, you can ping us anytime with your queries.

Cloud Services

Sikshya Technology comes with an essential concern regarding the storage of your business data. First and foremost, trust and reliability are indispensable when it comes to assigning someone to organize your business data. Not to worry, Here at Sikshya Technology, we value clandestine just as much as we value credibility. Therefore, trust is of abundance, and you can keep us in your confidence. Especially, when small-scale establishments are having a growing need for cloud services in Nepal. To conclude, we provide trust next to the expert hosting, VPS and domain services—and that too, at an affordable price.

Tech Consulting

We stir up best ideas in a same teapot as information technology. Your technical queries are our best friend. We will hug it close and provide you with an acute information on where your business is lacking and what changes could stir up the teapot more to give it an enhanced taste. Let’s have a cup of tea and discuss what could benefit your organization in a long term. We swear by the time we are through with your queries, you will tell us that the tea was on you.